About Us

Cockwood School Vision Statement

At Cockwood Primary School our vision has been designed by our pupils. We have a vision which is represented through pictures when we aim to help pupils reflect on their learning and choices they make in order to become better citizens and friends to each other.

We encourage a sense of teamwork through our house system but also in everything that we do each day. Learning is a journey which poses challenges on the way, but we encourage perseverance and independence – skills much needed in everyday life. Through our creative approach to learning and within a safe an caring environment, our children grow and succeed and provide a positive contribution to our school and community.

Cockwood Primary School Aims

:: Within our small village school, we aim to provide a safe and structured environment where children’s enthusiasm to learn is encouraged and where the unique personality of each child is valued.

:: We aim to develop and extend children’s literacy and numeracy skills alongside their creative talents and their social and spiritual understanding of the world.

:: We aim to equip children with the knowledge and confidence necessary to play a full part in society.

:: We promote equal opportunities for all members of our school family.

:: We actively work together to promote awareness for the need to follow a healthy lifestyle and to take part in physical exercise.


We aim to meet the children’s expectations of the school which include

“encouraging everyone to have a go;”

“learning how to be kind and helpful;”

“treating each other with care and respect;”

“making us laugh so that school can be fun and not too serious;”

“to act as a team and be one big supportive family;”

“always being there”