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School Council attend Fairtrade Conference

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The School Council recently attended a Fairtrade Conference at the Eden Project.

Their day started early as they travelled by train and bus to Cornwall. Upon arrival they met up with other schools from the south-west. They attended a tea-growers workshop, where they became part of the Fairtrade Premium Committee and had to decide how to spend the premiums on necessities such as hospitals, teachers, buildings, water, food etc.

They found it incredibly difficult to prioritise and realised just how important the Fairtrade premium is for the farmers and villagers. Another workshop taught them all about different types of nuts and how they are grown and harvested. This workshop ended up in one of the Biomes looking at a Cashew Nut tree. The children took this opportunity to look around the Tropical Biome before starting our return journey back to Dawlish.


Fairtrade Tea Tasting

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Fairtrade fortnight has started and today we were delighted to have Paul Tiony, a Fairtrade tea producer from Kenya, along with Sue Errington and Alison Derrick from Devon Development Education come in to school and talk to children about Fairtrade.

Children from Cockwood and Westcliff Schools as well as students at Dawlish Community College heard all about the important work Fairtrade do to support tea producers in Kenya. It was especially interesting to hear from Paul about his first hand experience and see pictures from his farm with his workers. You can click here to see Paul’s presentation.


The Road to Fairtrade Status

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Cockwood School are celebrating achieving Fairtrade status. 

Over the past eighteen months the school council has put all their efforts into learning more about Fairtrade and what the whole school can do to help Fairtrade farmers and their families.


Chartwell Assembly

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The children enjoyed an assembly taken by Chartwell Dutiro this week. He came to visit us and tell us about his forthcoming trip to our partner school in Zimbabwae. Chartwell collected items we had prepared ready for him to share with the children of Chireseri School. (more…)

African Dance Workshops

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Denise Rowe has spent an afternoon with classes 1 and 2 this week teaching them a simple routine to an African drumming beat. The routine will be developed over the coming weeks and those children wishing to participate will be given the opportunity to showcase their dance at The Northcott Theatre at the 3D Dance Festival on Sunday March 11th. (more…)