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School provision from June 1st

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The school has remained open for the children of key worker parents and for vulnerable pupils.

From Tuesday June 2nd we are looking to provide limited provision for additional pupils in Reception and Year 1.

These year groups will be split with half attending on Monday and Tuesdays and half attending on Thursday and Fridays to begin with.

Parents, please refer to email correspondence sent earlier this week, which highlights specific details around school procedures and groupings.  The staggered drop off and pick up times are as follows:

Drop offs – morning

Collection – afternoon

Key worker families 8:40am – 9:00am

Reception   3:00pm

Year 1  9:00am – 9:15am

Year 1         3:15pm

Reception 9:15am – 9:30am

Key worker families  3:30pm


World Book Day 2020

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Everyone enjoyed sharing their love of books for World Book Day last week.

The children took part in a range of book-related tasks from designing book covers, creating quizzes and designing their own book-marks. This year the children had a choice to either dress-up , bring in a prop as a clue to a book character or create a wooden spoon book character.

African Drumming with Shumba Arts

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The children at Cockwood experienced a drumming masterclass this week from Allan Kerr at Shumba Arts!

Each class spent a session at the village hall, learning how to play the African ‘djembe’ drum through call and response activities and lots of playing! Allan talked to the children about the origin of the African drum, how they are made and how they are used in African culture. Every child had the opportunity to play this great instrument, and everyone made super progress within their sessions.


Class 1 Visit to Sawmills Solar Fam

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To enhance pupils learning on ‘Sustainability’, Class 1 visited a local solar farm and then took part in practical workshops back in school. 

There were two sessions for the children to complete during the morning at the solar farm. The first was the Solar Farm Challenge, led by Mary, Education Officer; children had a challenge sheet to complete and asked questions as they were led around the site.


Trip to the Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste Centre

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Class 1 are currently looking into ways we can help to save the planet. We are trying to identify the little things we can all do which will have a big impact. As part of our learning, we have been lucky to visit two sites in Exeter working towards a more sustainable future for our community. 

First, we went to the Pinbrook Road Recycling Centre. We did a tour of the facility and looked at the range fo things that can be recycled. We learnt about the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Next, children had the chance to become scientists and test a range of materials according to their properties.


Gold Award for Cockwood School

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We are delighted to announce we have been awarded the Gold Standard for our work on Parliament.

We welcomed our local MP, Anne Marie Morris to an assembly to celebrate this amazing achievement. The children in Class 1 had prepared some questions for her linked to our work on recycling and sustainability.


Digital Leaders 

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Our Digital Leaders have enjoyed sharing their knowledge of coding with their classmates this week.

They spent the whole afternoon coding using Microbit. They had been previously trained on how to set up the equipment and how to explore its features. It was a really successful session as the children worked collaboratively and learnt from each other.

Well done to our Digital Leaders.

Grand Finale

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Class 1 children welcomed parents and grandparents into school this week to look at their work they have completed on World War 2.

This included a wide range of writing, drawing, information text and the incredible Anderson shelters, they have built as part of a homework project. The children were given a brief and a set of criteria their shelters had to meet. We tested them in school to see if they would fit a lego man, sustain a 1kg weight and remain waterproof after 100ml of water was poured onto them. The children then evaluated their work and discussed how they would adapt and change their design if they did it again.

Election fever at Cockwood School

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After participating in Parliament Week, the children were really interested to find out more about the different local candidates and parties taking part in the General Election. They brought in lots of leaflets from home and we analysed the text, layout, pledges, facts and figures. 

We decided to run our own mock General Election and we used our house teams to create four new parties: Transform, Vision, Tomorrow and the Progress party. We asked Year 6 to volunteer to stand as candidates and then with their house team, they chose from a selection of current policies to put on their manifesto.