The Grand Space Race!

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In Class 3 we have been looking at the history of space and famous astronauts. Today we found out about the great ‘Space Race’ between Russia and America, who were racing to be the first country to get a man on the moon.

We had a great time acting this out, and learnt the famous words by Neil Armstrong as he stepped on the moon for the first time. We then had a race of our own to see which team could build the best rocket using our junk modelling materials. The children worked very hard in their teams to co-operate and listen to each other’s ideas in order to make the best rocket possible. We then had a grand showcase of our rockets and discussed their special features and why they were the best! Some had rocket blasters and special seats, with others sporting super windows and passengers. Mrs Curry even gave our rockets the seal of approval!

We love using junk modelling to create our masterpieces. Thank you to Class 3 parents for your continued support in providing these materials.



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