Cockwood School Pupil Passport

Dear Pupils and Parents

We have introduced our pupil passport this year.

We believe that it is important for our children to have the chance to try things out, to get a taste of the world around them, and see and do things that they normally wouldn’t do. We want them to go to places that they wouldn’t normally go to and meet people that they wouldn’t normally meet.

Having a brilliant education is so much more than qualifications: it is about character and wellbeing. We develop our character from taking on challenges and pursuing our interests, by doing things that are worth doing even when they are difficult and which may not give us an immediate reward.

We would like the children to take on these challenges and enjoy these experiences as they journey through our school. We will aim to cover 10 each year in school, but we need your help. Please support your child in completing the tasks each year and record evidence in the book we send home.

We will enjoy celebrating the success of our children as they show us what they have experienced and what they have learnt on the way!

From the Cockwood Staff Team


Click on the link below to download your Pupil Passport

Cockwood School Pupil Passport | PDF