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Welcome to Cockwood Primary School

At Cockwood Primary School our vision has been designed by our pupils. We have a vision which is represented through pictures and we aim to help pupils reflect on their learning and choices they make in order to become better citizens and friends to each other.


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We encourage a sense of teamwork through our house system but also in everything that we do each day. Learning is a journey, which poses challenges on the way, but we encourage perseverance and independence – skills much needed in everyday life. Through our creative approach to learning and within a safe and caring environment, our children grow and succeed and provide a positive contribution to our school and community.



Latest News

Academy Consultation Process – January 2018

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Dear All

As you may already be aware, the governing body of Cockwood Primary School applied to become an academy under the Academies Act 2010 and has now been issued with academy orders by the Secretary of State (agreeing to it becoming part of an academy) and is proposing to join the Teignmouth Learning Trust. Further information about what becoming an academy means, and how to comment on the proposals, is set out below.

Will Cockwood Primary School definitely become an Academy?

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Community Celebration Event 2018

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Pupils and staff organised a fantastic community event, supported by the Big Lottery Fund. Residents of the village, pupils from other local schools and members of the community visited the school and enjoyed a range of activities. The Mayor Martin Wrigley was also a special guest at the event.

Even in the pouring rain, the children performed songs and dances under the gazebos, and then visitors could enjoy a lovely fair trade cafe with superb cream teas and take part in some fair trade games and competitions. They also had the opportunity to read with the children, learn the guitar and practise their cross stitch.

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Space Odyssey

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All the children had a fantastic learning opportunity today when they had workshops inside the ‘space dome’.
Class 2 and 3 learnt about Space and the Planets
Class 1 explored Evolution and Inheritance with Charles Darwin

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Christian Followers

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The Reverend Alan Smith came and talked to Class 2 about being a follower of Jesus.

He told us how and why he became a Christian as an adult.
He showed us lots of artefacts that are important to him in his life as a Christian.

We asked him questions  and drew him wearing his special clothes that he sometimes  wears in church.

Many thanks Alan, for helping us with our RE lessons and assemblies.

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Class 3 Dances

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Class 3’s new PE topic for this half term is dance, and we are already enjoying learning some new moves!

Can’t Stop The Feeling

Our first dance was to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. We already like this song, so learning a dance to it was very exciting!

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The Grand Space Race!

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In Class 3 we have been looking at the history of space and famous astronauts. Today we found out about the great ‘Space Race’ between Russia and America, who were racing to be the first country to get a man on the moon.

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Exploring Light and Dark

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This week the children in Class 3 have been exploring light and dark. We have been looking at different types of light sources and talking about natural and artificial light. This lead to some super discussions about the moon and whether it produces its own light, and if windows are a light source.

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