Welcome to Cockwood Primary School

Cockwood is a family, where we encourage both staff and pupils to be ambitious learners, and empower them to unlock their full potential. Happiness is core to our beliefs, where a dynamic curriculum and a caring ethos provide a wonderful springboard for the future.


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Through teamwork and perseverance, we encourage each other to be the best that we can be. Our ambition is to provide creative opportunities to develop skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, for pupils to reflect on how far they have come and how to be risk takers. They will aspire to be confident communicators, respectful of each other and considerate members of our school family and beyond.

As a school we embrace opportunities to ensure our community will continue to grow and thrive so that we can empower children to have the wings to fly and become tomorrow’s successful citizens.

Hard copies of any information on our website can be requested free of charge from the school office.


Latest News

Digital Leaders 

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Our Digital Leaders have enjoyed sharing their knowledge of coding with their classmates this week.

They spent the whole afternoon coding using Microbit. They had been previously trained on how to set up the equipment and how to explore its features. It was a really successful session as the children worked collaboratively and learnt from each other.

Well done to our Digital Leaders.

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Grand Finale

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Class 1 children welcomed parents and grandparents into school this week to look at their work they have completed on World War 2.

This included a wide range of writing, drawing, information text and the incredible Anderson shelters, they have built as part of a homework project. The children were given a brief and a set of criteria their shelters had to meet. We tested them in school to see if they would fit a lego man, sustain a 1kg weight and remain waterproof after 100ml of water was poured onto them. The children then evaluated their work and discussed how they would adapt and change their design if they did it again.

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Election fever at Cockwood School

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After participating in Parliament Week, the children were really interested to find out more about the different local candidates and parties taking part in the General Election. They brought in lots of leaflets from home and we analysed the text, layout, pledges, facts and figures. 

We decided to run our own mock General Election and we used our house teams to create four new parties: Transform, Vision, Tomorrow and the Progress party. We asked Year 6 to volunteer to stand as candidates and then with their house team, they chose from a selection of current policies to put on their manifesto.

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Christmas Lights Switch On 

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On Friday, the school choir performed on Dawlish Bandstand for the official Christmas Lights Switch on. 

The children performed 3 songs to a busy audience before community carols were sung and the lights came on. As a treat, all singers were then given a hot dog to warm up! The children always love singing in the local community, and we are very proud of their behaviour and lovely voices!

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Forest School Update

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Despite the weather, freezing cold or pouring rain, Class 1 are enjoying their Forest School sessions.
So far they have: learnt the safety rules of lighting a fire, identified mushrooms using a key, made lanterns and leaf rubbings, made slingshots and learnt a range of knots to secure a tarpaulin.

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Lego Workshop

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Class 2 fully immersed themselves in a world of lego for our visit from the ‘Lego Man’.

They enthusiastically took on the challenge of building different parts of Cockwood and the surrounding areas to consolidate our work on maps.

The afternoon kicked off our history topic in style by focussing on the incredible engineer, Brunel.

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Remembrance Day

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This week we welcomed the Reverend Richard into school to mark Remembrance Day with all the children.

We stood in the playground and honoured the two minute silence before he took an interesting assembly about the work of the British Legion and the symbolism of wearing a poppy.

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