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Celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight

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On Wednesday 4th of March six children from Cockwood School Council represented the School with their attendance at the annual Fair Trade Conference held at Westcliff Primary School.

The focus this year was Fair Trade Bananas. The children were lucky enough to meet Simeon Green and Veronica Brown from St Vincent & the Grenadine Islands to the conference.

They spoke passionately about their banana farms and explained how bananas are grown and packed and what a difference Fairtrade premiums mean to them: from schools built and funded in the community to health care centres, plus football fields for the children to play on and wells dug in local villages which means clean drinking water for the local population.

Fairtrade Café and Christmas Fayre Stall

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(written by members of the school council)

We sold cakes and tradecraft paraphernalia on Friday 2nd December. We sold Rocky Roads and Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Cake, which we made ourselves the day before. We also sold cupcakes and a giant Malteser cake kindly donated by parents. We made lots of money which was extremely good and all the teaching staff were very proud of us.

Serving the drinks was really fun. It was like being a proper waitress. We had to clean up, take peoples orders, make tea, coffee, hot chocolate and squash. There was so much to do, we never got bored.

On the traidcraft stall we sold lots of different things such as bracelets, purses, little decorated pots and pens, Christmas chocolates and spinning tops. We had so many customers it was hard to keep up with all of it. (more…)

School Council attend Fairtrade Conference

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The School Council recently attended a Fairtrade Conference at the Eden Project.

Their day started early as they travelled by train and bus to Cornwall. Upon arrival they met up with other schools from the south-west. They attended a tea-growers workshop, where they became part of the Fairtrade Premium Committee and had to decide how to spend the premiums on necessities such as hospitals, teachers, buildings, water, food etc.

They found it incredibly difficult to prioritise and realised just how important the Fairtrade premium is for the farmers and villagers. Another workshop taught them all about different types of nuts and how they are grown and harvested. This workshop ended up in one of the Biomes looking at a Cashew Nut tree. The children took this opportunity to look around the Tropical Biome before starting our return journey back to Dawlish.


Fairtrade Breakfast

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Fairtrade Breakfast – A report by the children of the school council

“On Friday 4th March, we organised a Fairtrade Breakfast at the village hall. Fairtrade food was made and consumed by everyone who came.

We carefully selected the ingredients that went into our cakes in order that at least one ingredient was Fairtrade. (more…)