Class 1 Trip to Bovington Tank Museum

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This term Class 1 have been learning all about World War 2: the causes and effects, the key people involved and how it affected the lives of British citizens.

To give us a better understanding we visited Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. Pupils dressed up as soldiers and were able to handle various artefacts. The children particularly enjoyed a guided visit around a 1940’s house, they learned all about household objects such as: a washing dolly, a mangle, the scullery and old money.

Whilst we were in the house, the air raid siren went off and we had to evacuate to the Anderson Shelter, which gave the children the experience of what children at that time had to cope with. They also had time to look at the wide range of tanks on display and watch some video footage from WW2.

It was a fabulous day and they have referred to things they saw on their visit in their evacuation diaries and letters.

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