Class 1 Visit to Sawmills Solar Fam

To enhance pupils learning on ‘Sustainability’, Class 1 visited a local solar farm and then took part in practical workshops back in school.

There were two sessions for the children to complete during the morning at the solar farm. The first was the Solar Farm Challenge, led by Mary, Education Officer; children had a challenge sheet to complete and asked questions as they were led around the site.

The children found out about the journey of electricity from the sun, to their homes and they were surprised that there were so many stages. They also discovered lots of information – the amount of homes powered, the number and angle of panels, and the engineering involved to fit these onto the site. The children thought about their favourite subjects at school and skills that could be useful in the future if they wanted to take on any job involved in a solar farm.

The second task they completed in the morning was a biodiversity study. Children had pooters for collecting bugs spotter’s guides and binoculars. They were very pleased that the nature which was already on the site before the solar farm was built was being taken care of – with beehives, bat boxes and plenty of plants around the hedgerows.

Back at school, the children discussed what they had learnt from the visit. They explored further information about renewable energy and were able to explain how renewable energy plays a positive role in sustainability.

There were practical activities to take part in: lots of solar toys to test and review, solar electricity kits to investigate; looking at how to power bulbs, buzzers and motors using solar panels and the chance to use multi meters to find the best place to put a solar cell. The children found lots of ways to change circuits and use solar cells to make things work.

Overall, it was a very informative day and the children have been given a really good understanding of solar-powered energy. We will build on this knowledge over the coming weeks.